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Lindy hop workshops and pain

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Well, DT and I went to a Lindy Hop workshop on Saturday. Our first one, even after all this time because they're always on Sundays and we can't do Sundays! :mad:
Anyway, Swingland had a Saturday one upstairs at the Bedford in Balham.
Not knowing what to expect (never having been to one of their classes), I was pleasantly surprised to find that they stuck to 8-count and Charleston footwork; Maybe I'm turning into a Lindy snob, but it annoys the cr4p out of me when people teach 6-count! Grrrr.
It was generally well taught and well organised, with the usual mix of people that you find at workshops (i.e. those that will never "get it", the smellies, the "expert after 4 weeks" and so on). We really enjoyed it. :clap:
One thing I did find though, is that the more I Lindy, the lower down I get (position and posture-wise); and the lower down I get, the easier I find it.
DT did comment that although I don't look good when I'm Lindy Hopping ("looks like you've sh1t yourself" was one comment), it does feel much better than the leaders who stay more upright.
So it's all good? Not quite, it's Monday and I'm still aching in places I shouldn't be. Just when you think you can manage 5 hours of workshop easily, you change your posture and it's all hard work again! :tears:
I guess it's just going to take a bit of time for my body to get used to this new position. It's all worth it though. :D

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