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Jump, Jive n Boogie

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Got back yesterday and I'm exhausted. :sick:

There were good things and bad things, like most weekenders, but overall I had a great time. :clap:

2 years ago we gave the Rock n Roll classes a try (I was terrible) as there was tons of Rock n Roll music. This time, as much Rock n Roll but no classes! :angry:

Quite a few MJ classes, but not much suitable music for the complete beginners to practice to. :angry:

A WCS class (which we didn't do) and virtually no suitable music!

Tango classes (which we didn't do) and definitely no suitable music.

Enough Lindy classes that DT and I could come away feeling that we learnt something useful and so that we could have a lot of fun practising to the live bands.

Food was nice and so were the people.

The live bands were a bit of a mixed bag.
On the first night we had Greggi G and his Crazy Gang followed by the Earl Jackson Band. Both very good, but a bit too Rock n Roll for my liking (plus Earl Jackson got quite annoyingly unfunny too).
The second night was the Ding Dong Daddios and Mike Sanchez and the Portions. The Daddios were OK, but it was all a bit samey, I don't think they changed tempo in the whole set. Mike Sanchez was really good.
I think they saved the best for last. Honey B and the Kings of Sting played just the sort of stuff I'd been waiting for, followed by The Swing Commanders and they were the perfect act to finish with. Great performers and something for everyone.

I think we'll be going back sooner or later.

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