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Posting dance learning progress in the forum

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I suppose this is just another "thoughts dump" really, but what better place?

Anyway, I was wondering if posting my experiences as I learn to Lindy Hop (or anything else) on the main forum is a bit self-indulgent, and does anyone else really give a toss?
Well I did come up with one justification...
The thing is, that as a beginner I want and welcome as much help as I can get; however, as a beginner I don't always know the questions to ask. So, if I post my experiences and thoughts, those "experts" out there can make some sense of it and offer morsels of advice (and they do, thanks :respect:).
I was considering posting them here, but I'm not sure that very many people even look here, so I decided to stick with the "Love to Lindy" thread.
That's all folks.

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