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a mild rant

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I guess I've always known this, but a recent night really drove it home.
Why is it that for DT to have a really good night's dancing, I have to not be there? (and vice-versa)
DT and I have plenty of great nights out, but only when I'm not there is she fighting off blokes that want to dance with her?

I don't think I'm that scary or clingy. I'd like to think that maybe every couple suffers from this or is it just me?

It just annoys the cr4p out of me lately.
Next time we go out together (not at Skegness, that doesn't count because it's full of people that know us), if I remember, I'll try to spend as much time away from DT and see if that makes a difference.
</rant> :D

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  1. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    it must be the venue, or you, or aliens - I've not experienced that sort of thing much. In fact probably the opposite with me, but then i probably stand at the edge of the dance floor with my face matching what i think of the music...i dont get asked if i dont like the music
  2. David Bailey's Avatar
    Yes, it's definitely you

    One suggestion - don't sit together.
  3. jivegirl100's Avatar
    It's not just you..

    But I think I'm just more proactive in stalking partners when I'm on my own - whereas when my partner is there it's too easy to dance with him instead

    I also wonder if people assume you'd prefer to dance with your partner, and therefore don't ask as much?