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New toy annoyances

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Maybe it's a Fiat thing, maybe it's a small car thing but I'd like to rename the "automatic" gearbox as an "annoying" gearbox. :angry:
Maybe I've just been spoiled by having Mitsubishis and BMWs, but this one seems very odd.

When you stop, it puts itself in Neutral! Every other auto I've had sits in 1st so you can sit on the brakes to stop it rolling forward, or if there's a gentle incline, the car will hold itself. Not this one!
Also, at low speed (crawling traffic, for example), it assumes your stopping if you let off the gas when you're going really slowly, which makes the ride really jerky (until you get used to it).
Add these things together and you find that at any junction with a slight uphill gradient means I have to put the handbrake on so I don't roll backwards when I try to pull away.
It doesn't help my annoyance that the armrest actually gets in the way of the hand-brake so I have it permanently folded out of the way now.
Why didn't I notice these things on the test drives? :tears:

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  1. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    sounds broken to me - my auto stays in 1st when you stop and even keeps the brakes on itself for a further 5 seconds so you can switch pedals (good on a hill)