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Daventry and Berko

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Yaaaay, we have just done our first busy dance weekend by attending Daventry and then Berko on the sunday. First blues for Danny and i must say, i was completely enthralled watching him and dancing with him was an absolute pleasure. He handled himself very well and even though he really only knows some very basic moves, his musicality is coming on lovely. So its practice practice practice.

Daventry for me was a bit of a non event though. I did not feel it had the buzz or excitment of say Utopia middle eastern night and to be honest not all its hyped up to be. It was a long night dancing till 3am but this probably had something to do with the fact that we had a very late night the night before and not much sleep and i have not been dancing since the Utopia night. I found i was fatigued and driving home that distance was a nightmare for Scarface and a nightmare for me staying awake to keep him awake. There were some highlights however... dancing with Mr Darcy, Lost Leader, Marc forster, Stoke Bloke to name a few were all as always, wonderful.. The best highlight for me though was Danny (scarface) who in his aim to become a dancer and as nervous as he was, tried to overcome his nerves, dance the night away and keep me smiling throughout.

We had stokebloke and Twirly bird stay with us Saturday night and all day sunday so we could all go to Berko on Sunday night. First time for the stokies... sadly the M25 had a major accident and we didn't arrive till 9.30 with only an hour left. I must say though, that hour was the best hours dancing ive had in a long time. Scarface was not allowed to sit down either. the girls didn't leave him alone and he held his own throughout. I loved it. Marc and Racheal are as ever the best blues DJ's for me and Marc is a lovely dance.....

Great weekend.

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