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My first entry

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Wow, you could use this as a diary couldn't ya. To diarise your life and have a look back in a years time to see if your views have changed or things have changed greatly to how they are at the moment.

Well, i am looking forward to a great weekend this weekend. I am going to friends of mine and Dannys (scarface) for a friday night drink and meal with a great sleepover planned so may have a bit of a baggy head saturday morning. Hairdressers on saturday to have a new funky style put in and then the lovely Twirly and Stoke Bloke are coming down to stay and we will have a nice lunch and drink then we are all off to Daventry...This will be my first freestyle for ages (since utopia middle eastern night) with Scarface who will be trying his first blues set after nine weeks lessons bless him. He is great a musicality though and he just needs to see how ladies play when they dance blues.... So im looking for all you gals to give him some good playing with :whistle:

Sunday shall be up to cook brekkie for our guests, have a nice day looking around Waltham abbey then we are all off to Berko. Cant wait....

will update how the weekend went next week.

Oh this is fun.

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  1. scarface's Avatar
    1 to 10 how did you rate the weekend x