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Internet radio

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DT managed to find an internet radio station called [URL=""][/URL] and for a couple of days I was feeling all ignored and neglected. :tears:

However, I've had it on almost constantly since then :blush:.

Tons and tons of soul music that I remembered loving in the 80's plus ten times more soul tracks that I've never heard.

I wasn't a [I]Soul Boy[/I] in the 80s, but thinking back, a lot of the music that I liked was soul. Now I'm discovering a whole world of great music that I missed at the time.


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Tags: 80s, funk, internet, radio, soul


  1. Cruella's Avatar
    Thanks for the link, what a great find! (Thanks to DT for finding it in the first place)
  2. Double Trouble's Avatar
    If you like soul music, you can also join the group "Bring Back Solid Soul" on Facebook. I and my funky soul friends regularly post classic soul tunes on there for everyone to listen to. Lots of hilarious music video clips from the 80's too.