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Lee Bartholomew

Ah this blog thing

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Never done a blog before. Writing it as I try to throw paper planes out the window. Seem to just keep hitting the fan :-(

Is there any point in writing one? Prob Not. Will I keep it up? Probley not. Will it be filled with spelling mistakes? Probley.

So what do people write about in their blogs? Should it be [SIZE=1](mildly entertaining)[/SIZE] or just full of random cack?

Listening to Ivor Biggun song "Dorethy please trim your minge" Contains brilliant lyrics such as "Last time I went in there, I found five rabbits and a grizzily bear, Lord Lucan and best by far, Elvis riding on sheargar"

Im sure I will think of something sensible to write after dancing.

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Updated 20th-August-2008 at 07:16 PM by Lee Bartholomew

Tags: drivel, ramblings


  1. Gav's Avatar
    Random cack please!