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Test blog!

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I'm trying this out!...

My day today....

Well, I woke up and could hardly move my arms.. 'Body conditioning' has a lot to answer for. So I decided to give the gym a miss and have a lie in.

Then, sods law, the doorbell went, so I answered it, still in my lightweight dressing gown. It was my water delivery. I asked the young lad if he could go to the back of the house and I'd run through and open the garden gate for him. After he put the bottles down, he handed me the delivery note to sign and low and behold just as I took hold of the pen and paper, the wind blew and I gave the poor guy a complete NAKED flash Opps He pretended he didn't notice but the colour of his (and my) face said it all!

I then spent the next half hour on the phone to LimpyTink but I couldn't get the words out without laughing, so the poor girl had to suffer me laughing in her ear, not knowing what the hell was going on?

Next, I met DB for our regular Thursday lunchtime practica, which IMO went very well! I took a video, of which i'll no doubt be cringing at later! (at me, not him)

And just now, I uploaded some new programs on the Mac, which a lovely friend lent me and hopefully I'll get to grips with over the next few days

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  1. Whitebeard's Avatar
    My heart bleeds for that poor waterboy ;-)