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Dreadful Scathe

its a funny world, and i didnt even tickle it

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i wonder if this blog has an audience of more than 3 ? :)

[b]barmy yanks in hazmat suits[/b]
Found [url=]this[/url] very funny story. A running group who use flour trails to mark routes for runners were arrested in the U.S. after slightly bewildered officials jumped to the perfectly natural (if you are insane) conclusion that it was an Anthrax trail.

Because that what terrorists do to maximise the death toll - spread a huge amount of it round the streets. hmm.

[b]barmy brits - with guns[/b]

Another bewildering act of officaldom, this time in the UK. The Jean Charles De Menezes trial goes on, and because one of the police excuses
for the biggest c*ck-up since John Holmes (don't google for this) was that police had trouble identifying Jean Charles i.e. they thought he was someone else.- they produced a composite photo of the 2. [url=]Here is is[/url]. You may notice what I did. The 2 people LOOK ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE EACH OTHER. Sure, splitting the picture down the middle for the composite fools the eye into thinking "ooh they do like a bit alike" but thats only down to the symmetry. 2 eyes, 2 ears etc..check - must be alike? NO.

The more I look at the image the more hilarious it becomes: look at the width of the face, the skin colour, the ears, the mouth...its laughable. The only similarity I can actually see; is the hairline. Based on that "match" they would have shot Dale Winton if he'd taken the tube after leaving that flat that day. (in fact Dale matches skin colour too ;) - maybe he would have received an extra bullet or 2 "to be sure")

Of course the other issue is that the armed police had no idea what they were doing so even a poor composite picture is a red herring - it certainly sounds like they would have shot him even if he had a beard and a pirate hat.

Interestingly, early reports [url=]like this[/url], have lots about how suspicious Jean Charles was acting, that he was running, that he ignored police warnings...strangely NONE of this is coming up in court now. Could it have been lies? A fabrication? Throw as much disinformation at the media hoping they won't bring it up when the truth started to come out? Looks like it. Seems to be working too.

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  1. Lory's Avatar
    OMG that composite pic is a joke! They're not even the same colour!