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Dreadful Scathe

another Monday morning

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...theres at least 4 of these a month... depressing.

[b]X-Factor - again[/b]

Gah. Why do I bother. Doubt I'll watch this again. Too much material to go through, yet they STILL do all the editing of "whats coming up" nonsense.

Its hard to care about anyone on this programme. The people you did like from the initial stages, like the guy with the soulful gravely voice that almost made Danii Minogue cry, are fleetingly shown in a "sorry - going home" bit. The very much highlighted previously "i watched my friends die in Iraq" soldier, was dismissed in mere seconds of screen time. They should get South Parks Eric Cartman to give them abuse and do his "going home" catch phrase - then I may continue watching it. Its such a cartoon already, that would be no stretch at all.

Even the good people...well, a quick burst of song and thats it. Unless they choke big time. That deserves some lingering footage. Seems like X-Factor is less of a singing competition and more of an editing showcase. Look at what our digital editing equipment can do. Watch as I close up on their prone crying bodies off stage. Look as we mix a flashy logo with a crying person. And. Lots. Of. Clips. Of. Things. You. Will. See. Anyway. Then a judge. Than a bit of a fancy house. Oh and some singing. And a close up with a bit of narration. And a clooooose up. The you find out the edited "coming up" bits are never expanded upon. They were a lie to lure you into watching again. Like the movie trailer that makes a terrible comedy seem good by putting ALL funny bits into 30 seconds. I'm no longer falling for it.

Boring. Really Boring. This makes the 70's show "Opportunity Knocks" seem like the epitome of TV talent spotting. Dress sense and all. Hell, this show makes the Ewoks look like the Wookies they were meant to be. If only that last sentence made sense.

Of course it doesn't help when reasonably talented people are rejected because Sharon Osbourne sees "something" in a "talentless middle aged annoying man". Its just like the last series x10 on crack.


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Updated 1st-October-2007 at 01:58 PM by Dreadful Scathe



  1. Tiggerbabe's Avatar
    Not only Monday, it's October, to boot
  2. azande's Avatar
    Sun's shining...
  3. Lory's Avatar
    I like the X Factor, but have learnt, the only way to really enjoy it, is to tape it and skip all the crap!