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Shiny Happy Sunday!

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I managed to make my long slow run both long (7.1 miles) and slow today - woo hoo! Seven miles and it felt good - I felt strong and comfortable, not struggling like last week. I think last week I was trying to run too fast - no wonder it felt like such an effort!

It was lovely running out in the cool of the early morning and heading back bathed in the warm sunshine. I saw the red kites again - one sat in a tree next to a magpie and one circling overhead. And as I ran past someone's garden I got a wonderful whiff of lavender in the air.

Days like today, I remember why I love to run!

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Updated 25th-September-2007 at 10:08 AM by Divissima



  1. Tiggerbabe's Avatar
    The warm sunshine bit appeals to me, it's the running I'm afraid of