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Got wheels!

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Yup, I have access to a car again (albeit temporarily) - hurrah! :clap: My brother's on holiday this week and has put me on his insurance so I can use his MG while he's away - bless him. :awe: I got my first shot of it last night and crawled the half mile home I was so scared I'd damage it! :what: It's so different to my mum's Rover 100 (which has bitten the dust due to rust), but I have to admit I'm [B]liking[/B] it! I mean, you can adjust both the wing mirrors by twirling this little knob rather than having to lean out the window and manouvre them manually [B]and[/B] it's got a most satisfying "vroom". :D

I returned to dancing this week after a fortnight's break and decided to go back to my local venue again. However, due to a double booking we ended up at an alternative hotel with a miniature dance floor. Spent my dances trying not to stand on / be stood upon. The music was much more to my taste this time though and it was good to see some familiar faces had also returned. Overall a good night.

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  1. Snakey hips's Avatar
    Good to see ya back gal,mwah