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I thought I might post up a training blog. It's something a bit different and now I don't dance so much these days it might help keep me in touch with my dancing friends, I hope. If people don't want to read it then I suppose they won't.

Not much to report today so not exactly an inspiring start to a training blog - was supposed to get up and run 4 miles, the kit was all ready to go, but I woke up feeling distinctly icky and so I bailed on the run. Tsk. I should be OK as long as it doesn't happen too often.

Only 12 weeks to train for the Las Vegas Half Marathon and I would so love to finish it before the leading males from the marathon. Somehow I can imagine my last half-mile elation deflating as I'm overtaken by some bloke who has run twice as far.

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  1. Divissima's Avatar
    Do people read this stuff?
  2. Franck's Avatar
    I do Good luck with the training and I'll look forward to the next instalment