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Lee Bartholomew

Im Tired

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Got talking to Some dancers about what they call people (after a thread on the forum about nicknames) the things they call people include - Daddy Dave, Tall Gingerman who can't dance, Tall gingerman who can dance and Parmasan Dave. Their nicknames are mainly based around the mans smell.

Couldn't overly get in to the lesson. There were alot of new people as it a busk had been done the weekend before. We timed our arrival about right getting there for the last move of the beginners lesson which allows a bit of a warm up but saves 15 minutes of arm jive.

End of beginners lesson and in to freestyle. I have never had this happen before but the woman I was dancing with was so comical in her style I had to struggle not to laugh. I find it hard to describe. Prob best to think of an over excited deer.

The intermediate lesson included Ochoes in a crusafix postition. Alot of strugglers. none doing it on the spot requiring the men to shuffle along behind them to keep in position.

Last move was a dip. Dispite the teacher telling women to take their own weight and men not to force it , low and behold, men are acting matcho and showing women how low they can take them before they get to the point of collapse and women are throwing themselfs backwards.

I manage to twinge my already quite sensative back trying to keep hold of one woman who ob wants an ambulance ride. I told her that I only just managed to keep hold of her and to take her own weight. Showed her how (instructor had also done this) class does the move again and she throws herself in again. I let her know that the next man might not be so willing to put his back out for her safty and class moves on.

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Updated 20th-August-2008 at 07:18 PM by Lee Bartholomew

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