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  1. Yet another test (edit)

    [QUOTE=DavidY;589846]Testing testing. Do I get smilies? :WetHaddock:[/QUOTE]

    And then the wet haddock goes to my blog...
  2. Short Story Challenge 2011

    I've signed up to a short story competition where you have 8 days to write a 2500 word story on a given subject in a given genre.
    The assignment arrived on Friday and I've got Suspense/Cremation.
    It looks like it's going to be an exercise in cliché avoidance! :lol:
  3. Handbags and trains

    What is it about women with big handbags, with hard, sharp edges on the underground? :confused:

    They either:
    a) tuck it under their arm before they sit down, completely oblivious that it sticks out up to a foot past them and is going to dig into the person next to them as they sit down :angry:, and/or
    b) Swing it over their shoulder as the get up, knocking your phone/coffee/newspaper out of your hands, or nearly hitting you in the face! :angry:
  4. More wedding

    We had a meeting with a Church Wedding Clerk yesterday evening. Simply a matter of checking ID paperwork, filling in forms etc.
    The fee seemed a bit high, but it includes the full service with Organ and flowers and with paid extra to have the bells on the day too.
    It's all getting more and more real and exciting!
    They've given us all the info on music, readings and hymns too; so I'll be downloading all the possible music for us to go through and choose. We don't need to decide ...
  5. Wedding planning

    Well it's a good thing we planned over a year in advance!
    I'm only experiencing excitement at the moment, I'm sure if it was sooner I'd be seriously stressed.
    We've booked Waltham Abbey Church (magnificent old church, supposedly the resting place of King Harold) for the 6th August 2011 and Waltham Abbey Town Hall (just over the road and a nice example of Art Nouveau buildings) for the evening.
    We've decided on a 1940s/1950s theme for the day (because of our love of Lindy Hop and ...
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