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  1. My first entry

    Wow, you could use this as a diary couldn't ya. To diarise your life and have a look back in a years time to see if your views have changed or things have changed greatly to how they are at the moment.

    Well, i am looking forward to a great weekend this weekend. I am going to friends of mine and Dannys (scarface) for a friday night drink and meal with a great sleepover planned so may have a bit of a baggy head saturday morning. Hairdressers on saturday to have a new funky style ...
  2. DIY continued...

    Having built a large decking project, knocked down walls, painted, papered etc we decided to do a bit more.
    Stripping paper today and some of the top coat of plaster is blown and has started coming off.
    Never done plastering before, but as this is only small bits, I'm going to have a go. :eek:
    I'll let you know how much the plasterer charges to fix my attempt! :lol:
  3. Internet radio

    DT managed to find an internet radio station called [URL=""][/URL] and for a couple of days I was feeling all ignored and neglected. :tears:

    However, I've had it on almost constantly since then :blush:.

    Tons and tons of soul music that I remembered loving in the 80's plus ten times more soul tracks that I've never heard.

    I wasn't a [I]Soul Boy[/I] in the 80s, but thinking back, a lot of the music ...
    Tags: 80s, funk, internet, radio, soul
  4. Gardening

    It was time to try to get rid of the ivy on the garage.
    Apart from being ugly, it's getting through the roof and creeping onto the neighbours fence etc.
    I ripped about 8' x 12' of ivy off the fence before and it all came off in one so I was optimistic about this one.
    Bugger! it's managed to attached itself quite securely and ain't coming off easily.
    The walls and main roots were easy but the stuff on the roof isn't budging. Worse still, the roof is an old corrugated asbestos-concrete ...
  5. Employment agencies

    Euch. :sick:

    Why do they bother wasting everyone's time?
    I know they're not all bad, but as a freelance writer I get them calling me a lot and I'm sick of them not even bothering to check my details first.

    They call and ask me what sort of job I'm looking for! I thought they meant what sort of industry, length of contract etc, but no, they hadn't even bothered to see what job I do before calling! :tantrum:
    Then, once we've established that I'm not a software ...
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