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  1. Lindy hop workshops and pain

    Well, DT and I went to a Lindy Hop workshop on Saturday. Our first one, even after all this time because they're always on Sundays and we can't do Sundays! :mad:
    Anyway, Swingland had a Saturday one upstairs at the Bedford in Balham.
    Not knowing what to expect (never having been to one of their classes), I was pleasantly surprised to find that they stuck to 8-count and Charleston footwork; Maybe I'm turning into a Lindy snob, but it annoys the cr4p out of me when people teach 6-count! ...
  2. Interesting News ... please add your comments

    [url=]Oh No the Daily Mail[/url] has attracted a record number of complaints about their reporting after Stephen Gatelys death. Jan Moir's article said Gately's death struck a blow to the "happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships". Um...being dead will tend to bring any relationship to a halt, what else can she mean? From comments like "For once again, under the carapace of glittering, hedonistic celebrity, the ooze of a very different ...
  3. wot i watch at the weekend

    Saturday night. Went to the pictures - as they say in Scotland. Went to see "Fame" in fact. For those of you too young to know, its been done before as a TV series and Film. Its about students enrolling into the New York School of performing arts. They dance, sing, act, play musical instruments and have lives outside school. All of it was fine, except the last bit. The "lives outside achool" were mostly pointless/unresolved/lame/cheap plot threads - so story wise I'd give it ...
  4. Observations on New York/ers

    Well, my first visit to the good ol' US of A is over and certainly some of my ideas of what it would be like have been blown away.

    [LIST][*]I certainly didn't see as many burger-eating fatties as I expected.:blush: In fact, the majority of people I saw were fairly fit (including a lot of joggers). There were fast-food places and coffee bars all over the place, but they all had the calorie content of everything printed too.[*]Before I left, I read a report that said that the Subway is ...
  5. More Jump, Jive n Boogie

    I nearly forgot, a new experience this weekend...
    We decided to do as many lessons as we could, regardless of whether they were needed or not; but before the beginners MJ class could even start, DT had an idea. Why don't we fix partners and swap roles?
    Well, apart from being thrown around by a sozzled snowwhite once, I've never tried following. For someone who's used to leading, it's not easy to let go and be led. :sick:
    But DT did an admirable job shoving me around ...
    Tags: class, follow, lead, roles, swap
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