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  1. another Monday morning

    ...theres at least 4 of these a month... depressing.

    [b]X-Factor - again[/b]

    Gah. Why do I bother. Doubt I'll watch this again. Too much material to go through, yet they STILL do all the editing of "whats coming up" nonsense.

    Its hard to care about anyone on this programme. The people you did like from the initial stages, like the guy with the soulful gravely voice that almost made Danii Minogue cry, are fleetingly shown in a "sorry ...

    Updated 1st-October-2007 at 01:58 PM by Dreadful Scathe

  2. Focus workshop 30/09/07 - More mind reading: Pre-leads & body positioning!

    Yesterday I finally managed to resume the monthly focus workshop & tea-dance Sundays. The venue was the Friary in Dundee and we had a great turn-out of dancers from all over Scotland!

    I am hoping to post a blog entry after each focus workshop, as a means to provide notes for all who attended and write down my thoughts after each class, summarizing my views on the topic.

    This month's topic was mind-reading, a catchy title for 'Pre-leads & body positioning'. ...
  3. its Thursday


    oh the hilarity

    At the ground floor of the building I currently work in, there is a 2 foot high foldable plastic yellow sign with the words "trip hazard" emblazoned importantly across it.

    At least one person has tripped over this, so it's certainly not a lie.

    It's quite close to some heavy rubber edged and perfectly safe rugs which you are far less likely to trip over than the sign, but someone, somewhere thought ...
  4. Monday morning

    Aha the start of another wonderful week. [url=]Our house is on the market[/url], so someone please buy it. Theres a lot of tidying to be done when you try to sell your house. We'll miss it, we've been here 5 years but the new one is bigger and better located. 5mins from park, train station, town centre and school.

    When we were tidying I came across some receipts for unclaimed expenses from 2001. About 150 pounds ...
  5. Shiny Happy Sunday!

    I managed to make my long slow run both long (7.1 miles) and slow today - woo hoo! Seven miles and it felt good - I felt strong and comfortable, not struggling like last week. I think last week I was trying to run too fast - no wonder it felt like such an effort!

    It was lovely running out in the cool of the early morning and heading back bathed in the warm sunshine. I saw the red kites again - one sat in a tree next to a magpie and one circling overhead. And as I ran past someone's ...

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