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  1. Snow business

    There's no business...
    in the UK when the weather turns! :angry:

    I'm in the lucky position (as a freelancer) that I can work from home and not lose any wages when I can't get into the office.

    So, is it just me or is the snow just as much fun now as it was 30 years ago? :D
    I thought I'd hate being cold and wet, but building snowmen and having snowball fights with the kids was great!

    What's it like getting older you ask? I wouldn't know, ask me again ...

    Updated 2nd-February-2009 at 12:33 PM by Gav

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  2. New toy annoyances

    Maybe it's a Fiat thing, maybe it's a small car thing but I'd like to rename the "automatic" gearbox as an "annoying" gearbox. :angry:
    Maybe I've just been spoiled by having Mitsubishis and BMWs, but this one seems very odd.

    When you stop, it puts itself in Neutral! Every other auto I've had sits in 1st so you can sit on the brakes to stop it rolling forward, or if there's a gentle incline, the car will hold itself. Not this one!
    Also, at low speed (crawling ...
  3. Man Flu

    Weekend past without much action, had a funeral Thursday, that was quite depressing as it was a wet horrible day and a four hour round trip. Scarface came down with a head cold the day before and by the weekend he was full blown snot and headaches with a poorly throat. So plans to see fireworks on saturday nite went out the window and have a drinky sleep over with Danny brother were cancelled.. instead we spent the weekend home with Adam my youngest. One thing i did discover though was a ceroc ...
  4. Daventry and Berko

    Yaaaay, we have just done our first busy dance weekend by attending Daventry and then Berko on the sunday. First blues for Danny and i must say, i was completely enthralled watching him and dancing with him was an absolute pleasure. He handled himself very well and even though he really only knows some very basic moves, his musicality is coming on lovely. So its practice practice practice.

    Daventry for me was a bit of a non event though. I did not feel it had the buzz or excitment ...
  5. Christmas

    Well it appears christmas is just around the corner and ive been trying to organise get togethers and have found myself booked solid with activities inbetween kids weekeneds etc etc.

    Have just booked Utopia twisted as Ruby Red is coming down that weekend, cant wait for that. Camba is only a couple of weeks away.. Scarfaces first weekender...... gonna be great fun.

    Haven't even started my xmas shopping yet :doh:
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