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  1. Wedding planning

    Well it's a good thing we planned over a year in advance!
    I'm only experiencing excitement at the moment, I'm sure if it was sooner I'd be seriously stressed.
    We've booked Waltham Abbey Church (magnificent old church, supposedly the resting place of King Harold) for the 6th August 2011 and Waltham Abbey Town Hall (just over the road and a nice example of Art Nouveau buildings) for the evening.
    We've decided on a 1940s/1950s theme for the day (because of our love of Lindy Hop and ...
  2. Lindy hop workshops and pain

    Well, DT and I went to a Lindy Hop workshop on Saturday. Our first one, even after all this time because they're always on Sundays and we can't do Sundays! :mad:
    Anyway, Swingland had a Saturday one upstairs at the Bedford in Balham.
    Not knowing what to expect (never having been to one of their classes), I was pleasantly surprised to find that they stuck to 8-count and Charleston footwork; Maybe I'm turning into a Lindy snob, but it annoys the cr4p out of me when people teach 6-count! ...