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  1. Observations on New York/ers

    Well, my first visit to the good ol' US of A is over and certainly some of my ideas of what it would be like have been blown away.

    [LIST][*]I certainly didn't see as many burger-eating fatties as I expected.:blush: In fact, the majority of people I saw were fairly fit (including a lot of joggers). There were fast-food places and coffee bars all over the place, but they all had the calorie content of everything printed too.[*]Before I left, I read a report that said that the Subway is ...
  2. Scenery

    Another "bored" moment at work and I found myself staring out of the window at the scenery.
    There's something about the patchy clouds and sun that seems to bring this particular London skyline to life.
    I'm looking out over Horseguards, St. James' Park, Westminster & Big Ben and various spectacular but (as yet by me) unidentified buildings.
    The green Copper rooftops, gold trim, flagpoles and all shades of stone really come alive as the clouds and sun roll across. ...