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Lee Bartholomew

  1. Im Tired

    Got talking to Some dancers about what they call people (after a thread on the forum about nicknames) the things they call people include - Daddy Dave, Tall Gingerman who can't dance, Tall gingerman who can dance and Parmasan Dave. Their nicknames are mainly based around the mans smell.

    Couldn't overly get in to the lesson. There were alot of new people as it a busk had been done the weekend before. We timed our arrival about right getting there for the last move of the beginners lesson ...

    Updated 20th-August-2008 at 07:18 PM by Lee Bartholomew

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  2. Ah this blog thing

    Never done a blog before. Writing it as I try to throw paper planes out the window. Seem to just keep hitting the fan :-(

    Is there any point in writing one? Prob Not. Will I keep it up? Probley not. Will it be filled with spelling mistakes? Probley.

    So what do people write about in their blogs? Should it be [SIZE=1](mildly entertaining)[/SIZE] or just full of random cack?

    Listening to Ivor Biggun song "Dorethy please trim your minge" Contains ...

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