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  1. Gardening

    It was time to try to get rid of the ivy on the garage.
    Apart from being ugly, it's getting through the roof and creeping onto the neighbours fence etc.
    I ripped about 8' x 12' of ivy off the fence before and it all came off in one so I was optimistic about this one.
    Bugger! it's managed to attached itself quite securely and ain't coming off easily.
    The walls and main roots were easy but the stuff on the roof isn't budging. Worse still, the roof is an old corrugated asbestos-concrete ...
  2. Employment agencies

    Euch. :sick:

    Why do they bother wasting everyone's time?
    I know they're not all bad, but as a freelance writer I get them calling me a lot and I'm sick of them not even bothering to check my details first.

    They call and ask me what sort of job I'm looking for! I thought they meant what sort of industry, length of contract etc, but no, they hadn't even bothered to see what job I do before calling! :tantrum:
    Then, once we've established that I'm not a software ...
  3. Stevie Wonder

    DT & I went to see Stevie Wonder at the O2 on Friday night.

    I now know for sure where the best seats are. :rolleyes: For Prince we had middle-height seats in the bottom tier and they were OK. This time I decided to spend a bit more and get us floor seats about 20 rows back from the stage. Mistake! :sick: You can't see anything from there.
    For anyone going to the O2 to see a band/performer, I think the best seats are the first row of the bottom tier, within about 30 seats from ...
  4. Delivery times

    You know when you order something for delivery and they tell you it'll be delivered between 7am and 8pm?
    So, you think to yourself "oh F.f.s., that means I'll wait in all day and if I'm lucky it'll arrive at 8pm, if not they'll phone at 8pm to tell me they're delivering tomorrow!"?

    Sod's law, the new fridge/freezer turned up this morning at 7am on the fekkin' dot! :angry:

    Luckily while I was wiping the sleep out of my eyes, the delivery guy evicted the 14 ...
  5. Still a new toy

    Well 1 week on and I just spent a few hours hoovering, dusting, washing and polishing my new toy.

    I think DT's running a sweepstake on how long I'll keep this up before I start getting it done at the local supermarket instead! :rolleyes:
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