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  1. a mild rant

    I guess I've always known this, but a recent night really drove it home.
    Why is it that for DT to have a really good night's dancing, I have to not be there? (and vice-versa)
    DT and I have plenty of great nights out, but only when I'm not there is she fighting off blokes that want to dance with her?

    I don't think I'm that scary or clingy. I'd like to think that maybe every couple suffers from this or is it just me?

    It just annoys the cr4p out of me lately. ...
  2. Snow business

    There's no business...
    in the UK when the weather turns! :angry:

    I'm in the lucky position (as a freelancer) that I can work from home and not lose any wages when I can't get into the office.

    So, is it just me or is the snow just as much fun now as it was 30 years ago? :D
    I thought I'd hate being cold and wet, but building snowmen and having snowball fights with the kids was great!

    What's it like getting older you ask? I wouldn't know, ask me again ...

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  3. New toy annoyances

    Maybe it's a Fiat thing, maybe it's a small car thing but I'd like to rename the "automatic" gearbox as an "annoying" gearbox. :angry:
    Maybe I've just been spoiled by having Mitsubishis and BMWs, but this one seems very odd.

    When you stop, it puts itself in Neutral! Every other auto I've had sits in 1st so you can sit on the brakes to stop it rolling forward, or if there's a gentle incline, the car will hold itself. Not this one!
    Also, at low speed (crawling ...
  4. DIY continued...

    Having built a large decking project, knocked down walls, painted, papered etc we decided to do a bit more.
    Stripping paper today and some of the top coat of plaster is blown and has started coming off.
    Never done plastering before, but as this is only small bits, I'm going to have a go. :eek:
    I'll let you know how much the plasterer charges to fix my attempt! :lol:
  5. Internet radio

    DT managed to find an internet radio station called [URL=""][/URL] and for a couple of days I was feeling all ignored and neglected. :tears:

    However, I've had it on almost constantly since then :blush:.

    Tons and tons of soul music that I remembered loving in the 80's plus ten times more soul tracks that I've never heard.

    I wasn't a [I]Soul Boy[/I] in the 80s, but thinking back, a lot of the music ...
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