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  1. Gav's Avatar
    I know, b******s! the lot of 'em!
  2. Double Trouble's Avatar
    Oh deary, deary me!

    What about blokes with massive rucksacks who do all the things you've just described, but they do it while also holding a phone, coffee and a newspaper too!

    They then sit down with their legs wide open taking up the leg room of about three people!!

    The woman next to me this morning was clipping her finger nails!! You know how they ping all over the place and the ones that did land on her lap she batted away with the back of her hand in all directions. Honestly, I wanted to take her fekkin' nail clippers and stab her in the head with them...dirty mare!!

    Everyone on the tube is rude and inconsiderate apart from me and you Gav. xxxx
  3. JaneKuboo's Avatar
  4. Gav's Avatar
    joejoecor, I'll look forward to seeing what you think of London by comparison.
    Thanks DS, I didn't get to see that much of New York, but I certainly thought that I could like it more than London (or maybe it was just because it was all new to me?).
  5. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    by "british accent" you mean "dodgy English accent".

    I love New York (well Manhattan at least), much better than London in many ways and I would live in New York over any city in England. So there.
  6. joejoecor's Avatar
    I was born and raised New York and now live in Washington DC and find your commentary insightful. I often would marvel at a british accent in sience. I wish to visit London soon and promise to produce a few lines of impression.
  7. jivegirl100's Avatar
    It's not just you..

    But I think I'm just more proactive in stalking partners when I'm on my own - whereas when my partner is there it's too easy to dance with him instead

    I also wonder if people assume you'd prefer to dance with your partner, and therefore don't ask as much?
  8. David Bailey's Avatar
    Yes, it's definitely you

    One suggestion - don't sit together.
  9. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    sounds broken to me - my auto stays in 1st when you stop and even keeps the brakes on itself for a further 5 seconds so you can switch pedals (good on a hill)
  10. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    it must be the venue, or you, or aliens - I've not experienced that sort of thing much. In fact probably the opposite with me, but then i probably stand at the edge of the dance floor with my face matching what i think of the music...i dont get asked if i dont like the music
  11. Gav's Avatar
    Well, it didn't go too bad.
    If I had to do a large section of plastering, I'd call a professional to do it.
    Luckily what I did was getting covered with wallpaper, so it didn't have to be perfect.
  12. Double Trouble's Avatar
    If you like soul music, you can also join the group "Bring Back Solid Soul" on Facebook. I and my funky soul friends regularly post classic soul tunes on there for everyone to listen to. Lots of hilarious music video clips from the 80's too.
  13. Cruella's Avatar
    Thanks for the link, what a great find! (Thanks to DT for finding it in the first place)
  14. Gav's Avatar
    Well avoiding the obvious, like I might get hit by a bus, or he's been eating all the pies and is around 60, he might just decide he doesn't want to tour anymore.
    I'd be gutted if I passed on an opportunity and never had the chance again.
  15. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    a bit pessimistic that last line
  16. Tiggerbabe's Avatar
    Looks nice