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  1. Bubble's Avatar
    Yes, I agree. The basis of the complaint is more important than the number of complaints. If the basis is stronger then more complaints ought to be generated (provided enough people hear about it!)

    Interestingly, Stephen Fry later wrote on his blog that he felt sorry for Jan Moir. Something about knowing 'just what it is like to make a monumental ass of oneself and how hard it is to find the road back' Maybe he reflected on it and thought he was in line for some bad karma.
  2. Dreadful Scathe's Avatar
    I'm sure Stephen Fry did get the article more complaints but thats hardly important. It was an awful article that desrved to get complaints - and Stephen Fry did not write it, he only pointed it out.
  3. Bubble's Avatar
    Ooh! Just noticed. Doesn't the 'feral scum' bit of my last comment make me sound just like a Dailymail columnist?
  4. Bubble's Avatar
    The number of complaints received over Jan Moirs Dailymail article was somewhat distorted by Stephen Fry mobilising his large fan base by encouraging them to write in with a complaint.

    Fatism? As you rightly pointed out, a multitude of 'excuses' could be used to land a punch. Since assualt has already been an offence for a long time effective policing of the laws we already have would work wonders. I feel the real problem is the quantity of feral scum that roam around in packs looking for victims.
  5. Lory's Avatar
    Brilliant summing up and you've expressed some of my thoughts exactly!
    Lory x
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    Yes, you should blog more..

    Love 'em!
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    I like the X Factor, but have learnt, the only way to really enjoy it, is to tape it and skip all the crap!
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    OMG that composite pic is a joke! They're not even the same colour!
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    Sun's shining...
  10. Tiggerbabe's Avatar
    Not only Monday, it's October, to boot
  11. Divissima's Avatar
    The scourge of the Chuggers is everywhere... If you find an effective way of discouraging them, you could licence it and make a mint.
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    More blog please, Mr Smurfy