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Dreadful Scathe

  1. Interesting News ... please add your comments

    [url=]Oh No the Daily Mail[/url] has attracted a record number of complaints about their reporting after Stephen Gatelys death. Jan Moir's article said Gately's death struck a blow to the "happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships". Um...being dead will tend to bring any relationship to a halt, what else can she mean? From comments like "For once again, under the carapace of glittering, hedonistic celebrity, the ooze of a very different ...
  2. wot i watch at the weekend

    Saturday night. Went to the pictures - as they say in Scotland. Went to see "Fame" in fact. For those of you too young to know, its been done before as a TV series and Film. Its about students enrolling into the New York School of performing arts. They dance, sing, act, play musical instruments and have lives outside school. All of it was fine, except the last bit. The "lives outside achool" were mostly pointless/unresolved/lame/cheap plot threads - so story wise I'd give it ...
  3. its a funny world, and i didnt even tickle it

    i wonder if this blog has an audience of more than 3 ? :)

    [b]barmy yanks in hazmat suits[/b]
    Found [url=]this[/url] very funny story. A running group who use flour trails to mark routes for runners were arrested in the U.S. after slightly bewildered officials jumped to the perfectly natural (if you are insane) conclusion that it was an Anthrax trail.

    Because that what terrorists do to maximise the death ...
  4. another Monday morning

    ...theres at least 4 of these a month... depressing.

    [b]X-Factor - again[/b]

    Gah. Why do I bother. Doubt I'll watch this again. Too much material to go through, yet they STILL do all the editing of "whats coming up" nonsense.

    Its hard to care about anyone on this programme. The people you did like from the initial stages, like the guy with the soulful gravely voice that almost made Danii Minogue cry, are fleetingly shown in a "sorry ...

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  5. its Thursday


    oh the hilarity

    At the ground floor of the building I currently work in, there is a 2 foot high foldable plastic yellow sign with the words "trip hazard" emblazoned importantly across it.

    At least one person has tripped over this, so it's certainly not a lie.

    It's quite close to some heavy rubber edged and perfectly safe rugs which you are far less likely to trip over than the sign, but someone, somewhere thought ...
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